Sidekicks Temporary

Why Hire Temporary Support Talent?

Reduce costs: Utilising a skilled flexible talent pool on an on-demand basis drastically cuts 
labour costs.

Save time: No lengthy recruitment process. Superb quality, tried and tested temporary talent can be within your business the same day.

Lean growth: A flexible, highly skilled administrative workforce available on demand means companies can remain agile and scale up or down immediately as required.

Eliminate hiring mistakes: Poor hiring decisions can cost thousands in wages, benefits, unemployment claims, and lost productivity. Temporary talent allows you to try out your potential workforce.

Peace of mind: We take care of everything. Statutory sick pay, maternity pay, and employer’s NI liability is all included in one single transparent hourly rate, with nothing on top and no extra hassle.

The highest quality talent, on-demand: We are scrupulous about our processes. Our temporary candidates have undergone a full competency based interview (not just a skills run through). Our standard referencing procedure covers five years’ work, personal references, and a criminal record and credit check where appropriate. Most agencies will aim to reference the last two years worth of work only – so why do we go the extra mile? Because we get to know our talent talent pool thoroughly. We are only interested in the very best service and we’re here to minimise your risks.

To have the best talent in the market within your business today, call the Sidekicks Temporary Team on 020 3709 5250.