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We provide people,
who support leaders,
who change the world.

Welcome to Sidekicks. We proudly recruit exceptional administrative support talent on behalf of individuals, companies and businesses of all sizes, across all sectors, all over the world.

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Current Jobs

Below are some of the jobs currently on offer. Due to the confidential nature of what we do, we don’t advertise every role we’re working on: for the full range of current and upcoming opportunities please get in touch with your Talent Manager, or register as a Sidekicks candidate.

Types of roles we specialise in

We specialise in providing the highest calibre administrative, secretarial and operational support talent on the market. An example of types of roles we typically recruit for are listed below, but whatever your needs or remit, we will have the contacts to deliver what you need.

  • Personal Assistant
    A Personal Assistant typically carries out administrative work on behalf of one or multiple individual(s), acting as the first point of contact with people from both inside and outside the organisation. Working closely with senior managerial or directorial staff, they provide administrative support whilst understanding the organisation’s aims and objectives. Duties often include arranging travel, screening calls, organising diaries, collating and filing expenses, organising and attending meetings and dealing with incoming emails, faxes and post.

    Salary guide: £25,000-£50,000, dependant on experience and industry.

  • Executive Assistant
    Executive Assistants act as a point of contact between executives and clients and enhance executives effectiveness by providing information management support. By providing support to senior management, they help with organisation, scheduling, correspondence, HR and meetings. Having high quality administrative qualities and giving clerical assistance to top-level executives, they handle requests and queries appropriately.

    Salary guide: £30,000-£60,000+, dependant on experience and industry.

  • Business Assistant
    Business Assistants – very senior individuals – are usually previous senior Executive or Personal Assistants who work closely with their executives in a commercial capacity. With a usually very broad remit and lots of responsibility, a Business Assistant will typically attend meetings with and on behalf of their executive, perhaps manage staff or a private office, look after recruitment and assist with any other projects their Executive might be working on, often in an advisory role, in order to radically increase the ‘bandwidth’ of their Executive.

    Salary guide: Usually £50,000+, dependant on experience and industry.

  • Private PA
    Private PAs assist private individuals in daily and personal tasks and provide day to day support with lots of initiative and organisation skills. Often based within a private household or family office, duties can include (but are not limited to) household management, running personal errands, maintaining overseas finances and budgets and arranging ever-changing national and international travel. A Private PA is excellent with management and is able to liaise with all sorts of people as a representative of their client.

    Salary guide: £25,000-£50,000 +, dependant on experience and industry.

  • Team Assistant
    A Team Assistant is very similar to a PA although they are looking after a team of people rather than one or two executives. They get involved in day-to-day team activities, for example research for projects as well as administrative duties and they are also the first point of call for the team. They have extensive email correspondence and diary management of the team both personal and business and are very good at multitasking.

    Salary guide: £22,000-£35,000, dependant on experience and industry.

  • Office Manager
    An Office Manager ensures the smooth running of an office day-to-day. They may also manage a team of administrative, facilities or support staff as well as carrying out staff appraisals, managing performances and disciplining staff. They often organise meetings, company events and conferences and manage databases along with online and paper filing systems. They will usually deal with correspondence, complaints and queries whilst managing office budgets and ensuring health and safety policies are up to date.

    Salary guide: £25,000-£50,000, dependant on experience and industry.

  • Receptionist
    Receptionists welcome, greet and direct visitors along with maintaining a clean and welcoming reception area. Duties could include signing in visitors, answering, screening and forwarding phone calls and receiving and distributing correspondence. Being friendly and polite is a necessity as they are the first point of contact for visitors, employees and potential clients upon arrival. They have effective time management and are able to deal with difficult clients in an appropriate manner.

    Salary guide: Usually £18,000-£30,000, dependant on experience and industry.

  • Operations Manager
    Operations Managers are senior individuals responsible for overseeing the Operations function of an entire business, or business unit. They often analyse statistics, read and write reports, and are often a member of the senior management team in smaller businesses. They will generally provide training and supervise new employees together with tracking and measuring staff performance. Researching alternative methods of efficiency is another responsibility that falls with an Operations Manager’s remit, and they may also be setting and reviewing budgets and managing costs.

    Salary guide: £30,000-£50,000 + dependant on experience and industry.

  • Facilities Manager
    A Facilities Manager is responsible for ensuring the building is kept safe and the needs of the people that work in them are met. They manage upkeep and business maintenance such as heating and air conditioning meeting health and safety standards and legal requirements. Facilities Managers also deal with refurbishments, renovations and office moves alongside management of cleaning, waste disposable, catering, security and parking. They may also deal with IT and office equipment as well.

    Salary guide: £25,000-£50,000, dependant on experience and industry.

  • HR Administrator
    HR Administrators are often the first point of call for all human resources-related enquiries, in addition to looking after basic HR-related administration such as answering phones, data entry, filing. They often assist in the recruitment process by screening, interviewing and testing applicants. They also notify existing staff of internal opportunities. In addition, they document human resources actions by completing forms, reports, logs and records and assisting the payroll department.

    Salary guide: £22,000-£30,000, dependant on experience and industry.

  • Marketing Administrator
    A Marketing Administrator generally helps to promote a company and its products or services along with increasing customer awareness of the business or brand. They do this by helping to create advertising campaigns, design logos and create slogans. They could also assist with conducting market research or implementing marketing strategies. Social media marketing may also fall under their responsibility.

    Salary guide: £20,000-£30,000, dependant on experience and industry.

  • Sales Administrator
    Sales Administrators pay close attention to detail as they are usually responsible for ensuring contracts and prices are up to date, processing staff credit checks, orders, payment and staff time sheets. Additionally, they will often process invoices for sales transitions, create monthly sales reports and checking data accuracy in orders and invoice.They may also contact clients to source missing information and will therefore have strong customer service knowledge.

    Salary guide: £20,000-£35,000, dependant on experience and industry.

  • Trading Assistant
    Trading Assistants often work in a team with Portfolio Managers, Researchers, Operations Staff and Legal groups and work with hedge funds or trading groups. The responsibilities include assisting with trade executions, monitoring the market and clerical services. As they often have an understanding of economics and accounting, they might well assist traders by applying statistical tools and computer algorithms to help make decisions from a research perspective.

    Salary guide: £25,000-£40,000 + dependant on experience and industry.

  • Office Junior
    Office Juniors often assist the Office Manager with their tasks and have responsibilities including general office tidiness, maintaining office equipment with stationery inventory checks, booking travel arrangements, scheduling meeting rooms plus telephone calls and receiving and distributing correspondence. Office Juniors can be incredibly useful, providing their team with help and support with any administrative roles as and when needed.

    Salary guide: £18,000-£28,000, dependant on experience and industry.

  • Legal Secretary
    Legal Secretaries provide secretarial and administrative support to lawyers and legal executives by conducting research and reading legal articles, typing documents (such as wills, contracts, motions and summons) along with standard secretarial duties. They often prepare court forms and statements and accompanying solicitors attending court or police stations.

    Salary guide: £25,000-£50,000 + dependant on experience and industry.

  • Editorial Assistant
    Editorial Assistants provide support in all publication stages of products such as books, journals, magazines, online. They liaise with internal staff to negotiate time scales for stages in the publication process, as well as correcting manuscripts. The role is both an editorial and administrative position and so Editorial Assistants will often proofread as well as write articles. They are responsible for organising and researching projects to tight deadlines so time management is key. They have a great eye for detail.

    Salary guide: can vary from £18,000-£32,000, dependant on experience and industry.

  • Typist
    A Typist performs typing and word processing work and can do so in a variety of office environments such as healthcare, education and government. They can copy type, audio type and shorthand type although not all are requirements for all roles. Typists can produce and edit different documents such as reports, correspondence and presentations from scratch or from existing materials. A typist could type handwritten document, rewrite drafts or transcribe a voice recording. The role may include data and filing system management or reception work.

    Salary guide: £20,000-£30,000, dependant on experience and industry.

  • Estate Manager
    An Estate Manager is an executive position and is incharge of the upkeep and day-to-day running of an estate. They oversee the maintenance of the estate, supervise staff members for example farm workers and gardeners and manage budgets and event. They are also in charge of the management of the land including the overlook of livestock, if applicable, and how the land can best be profitably used eg. farming, commercial. An Estate Manager is required to be professional, personable and very good with budget management.

    Salary guide: £35,000-£50,000 + dependant on experience and industry.

  • Chief of Staff
    A Chief of Staff usually works behind the scenes to solve problems at a very high level before they’re brought to the Chief Executive. They support the companies functions and plans and directs all admin, finance and operational activities. The high level of knowledge of overall department function is key as they may provide oversight and guidance to projects of high importance as they act as an advisor who participates in program management. A true right hand role.

    Salary guide: £50,000-£100,000+, dependant on experience and industry.

  • Domestic Couple
    A dual offering – usually partners or a married couple – who work together to take care of all household duties, from laundry to gardening, and anything in between. The couple work collaboratively to ensure that all domestic and personal services are attended to, as dictated by the Principal’s requirements. Usually, one individual will oversee the inside of the home, whilst their partner will take ownership of any exterior duties, often to include managing the grounds, repairs to the exterior of the estate and driving.

    Whilst not always the case, couple positions are often live-in.

  • Household Manager
    A household manager is responsible for the smooth and efficient running of a private residence. This individual sets and ensures that standards are maintained by their team of staff. Every estate is run differently and thus the duties of the household manager can vary considerably, dependent on the size of the property, the number and roles of other staff and more generally, the requirements of the Principal(s).

    Typically, the Household Manager will supervise other staff, provide general property management services for single or multiple properties, as well as, occasional chauffeur duties and events organisation.

  • Butler
    Butlers duties vary considerably depending upon employers needs and wants. They often work for a family or an individual and answer the telephone or door, greet and look after guests, offer refreshments. They organise and manage domestic events whilst also overseeing seeing security. Hiring and supervising outside contractors and household staff is another responsibility they can take on as well as being totally discreet, trustworth and well mannered.

    Salary guide: £25,000-£50,000 + dependant on experience and role requirements (such as live in or live out).

  • Chauffeur
    Chauffeurs are responsible for taking passengers to and from their chosen destination the quickest and safest way possible. They offer point-to-point services and should have geographical and route knowledge about the area they are travelling in. Maintaining and cleaning a vehicle appropriately should also carry high value in addition to basic car maintenance skills. Chauffeurs should also have strong customer care and organisational time management skills.

    Salary guide: £20,000-£50,000, dependant on experience and role requirements (such as live in or live out).

  • Au-pair/Nanny
    Au-Pairs and Nannies are an alternative to daycare/ childcare facilities for one or more children. Providing physical, social and emotional needs for the children in the comfort and safety of their own homes. Depending on the parents requirements, along with the age of children, Au-Pairs and Nannies take care of laundry, meal preparations, helping with homework and ensuring the children’s bedrooms are kept clean and tidy amongst many other tasks. They might also provide the transport for children to and from school and any other activities.

    Salary guide: £18,000-£35,000, dependant on experience and employers’ needs.

  • Private Tutor
    Private Tutors can be instrumental in ensuring your child’s exam success; providing them with learning methods and resources, and identifying areas of weakness. A genuine expert in their subject, Private Tutor’s additional teaching methods and support can enhance your child’s school education.

    One-to-one lessons provide a safe environment for the child to openly share their problem areas and develop their learning skills in the comfort of their own home. Subsequent to the examination process, a Private Tutor can provide constructive feedback and evaluation of the child’s progress and results.

  • Personal Security / Bodyguard
    Being a Bodyguard is a risky profession and these individuals usually protect high net worth, well known or powerful individuals or families from assault, kidnapping and stalking. Some individuals opt for a personal security officer as they may be in the public – celebrities and politicians often fall into this camp. Maintaining a safe environment is one of the many jobs that fall to security and bodyguards and they often patrol premises and personnel.

    Salary guide: £25,000-£50,000 + dependant on experience and industry.

  • Pilot (Private Jet/ Helicopter)
    A Pilot, whether Private Jet or Helicopter, is responsible for the transportation of people or goods from point-to-point. The flight plan is then determined for the safest and most efficient route dependant on the weather forecast and dispatchers. Before flight aircraft, controls, systems and instruments must all be check to an incredibly high standard. Pilots have excellent hand eye coordination with a sound judgement in a crisis whilst staying calm.
  • Private Chef
    Private Chefs are trained cooks preparing meals at home and are usually employed by one household or one family. Considering the client’s dietary needs and preferences, they shop for ingredients and menu plan accordingly. Private Chefs can also manage a team of chefs in the case of an event or large gathering and also ensure the safe packaging and accurate labelling of meals.

    Salary guide: £25,000-£50,000 + dependant on experience and employer requirements.

Employers we recruit for

We’re very proud of the employers we recruit for: we have strong relationships with businesses and individuals in a huge range of fields. Our diverse and exciting client list includes law firms, banks, property companies, creative businesses, fashion brands, technology startups, entrepreneurs, private family offices – and everything in between! Whether you’re hiring on behalf of a company or a private individual, if you are uncompromising in your search for the best support we will find the person you’re looking for.

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Who we are

Our vision is simple: we aim to place our talent in their dream jobs and to deliver to our employers their dream talent. We pledge to consistently work to outperform expectations of what a recruitment business can be and to help our talent and employers create partnerships that prove to be even greater than the sum of their parts.

Jessica Marchant

Founding Partner

Jessica founded Sidekicks in 2015 after spotting a gap in the market for a high quality, ethical, ambitious and results-driven talent consultancy.

After leaving school at 18, Jessica began work as a Receptionist in a City firm, where she learned the ropes from the ground up. A career-defining obsession with immaculate operational support was ignited, and over the next decade, Jessica acquired her reputation as one of London's most in-demand Personal Assistants. During this period of her career, Jessica became the go-to support person for several prominent employers within investment banking, hedge funds, real estate and private family offices, in both the UK and Asia.

Jessica passionately believes that superb operational support has the capacity to transform a business’s bottom line, and is dedicated to helping British business by revolutionising the support talent market.

Jessica is a Corporate Director of the Recruitment and Employment Confederation, and the founder of Work to Recover, the mental health not-for-profit. She is also the author of 'How To Get A Job', and has been featured by the BBC, the Financial Times, the Guardian, and London Live. Jessica now focuses on advising the UK's top SMEs on achieving operational efficiency, and explaining how businesses can consistently attract and retain great talent.
Direct Line: 020 7292 8741

Julia Aaltonen

Head of Permanent Talent, Partner

An outstanding recruiter with an impressive track record filling roles across a breadth of industries in both the creative and corporate worlds, Julia holds a Masters degree in Real Estate and Law from Cass Business School and is passionate about secretarial recruitment done properly, with integrity.

Having started her career in 2005, Julia cut her teeth in secretarial agency, establishing herself as a top performer and trusted ally to both employers and talent, whilst getting results. Julia knows her market inside out and is experienced at working at Chairman and CEO level, possessing a thorough understanding of the day to day demands placed upon senior management and how an effective PA can transform working lives.
Direct Line: 020 7292 8748

Peter Carter

Finance Director, Partner

Peter Carter, ACMA, has a Big Four background, having trained and spent his early career within PwC.

Peter has held various financial management roles in businesses from healthcare to engineering, and has also run small businesses focusing on the design industry. As Director of Finance, Peter is responsible for the smooth, efficient running of Sidekicks’ Finance division.
Office: 020 7292 8741

Izzy Basson

Talent Manager

With over four years experience working as an Investment Assistant for HNW clients prior to joining Sidekicks, Izzy has a wealth of knowledge in the Financial Services Industry. Her diligence and positivity coupled with her passion for excellence combine to make her a natural recruiter.
Izzy accomplishes success for both her clients and candidates with her enthusiasm, natural ability to form personal relationships and an impeccable attention to detail - all key factors in delivering a bespoke approach for every individual.

Izzy's determination to align her candidates' desires with her clients' needs ensures that she creates a lasting impact with everyone she works with.
Direct Line: 020 7292 8747

Victoria Brown

Principal Talent Manager

A graduate from Exeter University with an impressive 15 years secretarial recruitment experiment working for leading names within the industry. Victoria’s extensive experience within recruitment lends itself towards providing tailor-made solutions that are second to none.

Throughout her career, Victoria has worked with a diverse range of clients and this combined with her in-depth knowledge of the Secretarial market and support roles enables her to be a specialist within this field.  It is this ability to adapt that has seen her establish an impressive track record for recruiting.  

Victoria is passionate about recruitment and strives to deliver a first class experience for candidate and client. As such, she is well known and highly regarded in the industry.
Office: 020 7292 8741

Rowena Osborne

Talent Manager

Rowena’s impressive career in PR prior to moving into Recruitment has imparted an enviable network of contacts within several key industries. A graduate of the University of Newcastle, Rowena spent five years within PR before moving on to found the Macaroon Cooks domestic staffing agency, where she was responsible for providing cooks and assistant cooks to private clients both in the UK and abroad.

Rowena is empathetic, reliable and highly intelligent with a keen eye for detail and a natural flair for building strong, long-lasting relationships. A true perfectionist, she will leave no stone unturned to ensure that she gets it right first time.
Direct Line: 020 7292 8745

Harneet Bhogal

Marketing Assistant

Harneet is a natural born entrepreneur, and came to Sidekicks after running her own freelance makeup business, which she set up in 2017.

Her time running her own business sparked Harneet's interest in digital media, and after gaining excellent self-taught experience across a variety of platforms she decided to undergo a Digital Marketing Apprenticeship to cement her skills.

Harneet now balances her studies alongside her work at Sidekicks. Highly organised and proactive with a can-do attitude, Harneet is an integral part to the smooth running of the Sidekicks team.
Direct Line: 020 7292 8740


Ellie Hollier

Operations Manager

After graduating with a Masters in English Literature from Nottingham in 2014, Ellie spent two years working within operational support in London before joining Sidekicks in January 2017. After spending eighteen very successful months honing her skills within recruitment, Ellie was promoted to Operations Manager in March 2018.

Ellie is the true lynchpin of the Sidekicks team, and her unwavering dedication to quality and unmatched problem-solving skills make her a hugely valuable asset; not only to the Sidekicks team, but to all Sidekicks employers and talent.
Direct Line: 020 7292 8743

After graduating with a Masters in English Literature from Nottingham in 2014, Ellie spent two years working within operational support in London before joining Sidekicks in January 2017. After spending eighteen very successful months honing her skills within recruitment, Ellie was promoted to Operations Manager in March 2018.

Ellie is the true lynchpin of the Sidekicks team, and her unwavering dedication to quality and unmatched problem-solving skills make her a hugely valuable asset; not only to the Sidekicks team, but to all Sidekicks employers and talent.
Direct Line: 020 7292 8743


Simon joined the Royal Military Academy at Sandhurst in 1983 after attending Marlborough College. He was Commissioned into the Welsh Guards and subsequently served in the Army for twenty years, leaving in the rank of Major.

During his time in the forces, Simon served in the UK, Northern Ireland, Hong Kong, Belize, Brunei, US, Canada and Germany. Key appointments held during his service included Adjutant of New College, Sandhurst, Company Commander on operations for two separate occasions and a two-year spell working directly to the Head of UK Special Forces. He accumulated a wide range of experience in operations, staff and training appointments.

After leaving the military in 2003, Simon has very successfully broadened his remit, with time spent working as a Security Consultant, Business Development Manager, HR Manager and General Manager (UK). During an 18-month period as HR Manager he was responsible for the sourcing, recruitment and selection of over 250 consultants, including senior non-executive and management opportunities. Simon travelled extensively during this period to such locations as Iraq, Angola, Sudan, Kazakhstan, Egypt and Syria.
Direct Line: 020 7292 8740

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