The Beginning of the Job Hunt


Starting your job search can feel overwhelming . What should you expect from the process, and where’s the best place to start?

Katie Russell is a student at Quest Professional, and a first-time job seeker.

Katie is currently interning at Sidekicks, and has agreed to share her valuable top tips for successful job hunting!

It can be a daunting prospect beginning your job search, especially when you don’t know what you want to do. From finishing your CV to searching aimlessly on job sites, the process can easily feel overwhelming and fall victim to time-wasting.

Following these steps should give you an insight into what to expect, and how you can best spend your time finding a job right for you.

What do you enjoy?
As you may see on most ‘help-me-find-a-job’ type websites, the first most helpful thing to do is write down what you enjoy doing. This may sound rather mundane and pointless, but figuring out what you actually like doing can be difficult for many people. Having a list of interests and hobbies can help to not only organise your thoughts but also help you decide what type of company you might want to go into.

Look online and explore the vast number of industry sectors that are available. Look into all of them and see what sort of jobs they offer. You may find that many of them repeat the jobs they offer, so dig further and see what makes them different from each sector.

You may also want to look into certain companies after you’ve had a look at the industry sectors. You could have a look into different sized companies in different locations. See if you can find what the company culture is like and if you could see yourself fitting in with it. The culture of the company plays a large role in how much you enjoy your work and how long you will stay in the company for. This researching task doesn’t have to take long, yet it can be highly effective when done properly.

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs…
After you’ve shortlisted the research industries and had a look at what jobs they offer, it would now be an idea for you to look at specific jobs and begin applying. This is when you can decide to look at jobs either online, through adverts, use a recruitment agency or a combination! You may prefer to use an agency as they can cut out some of the work for you as they act as a middleman between you and the company you are applying for. Using an agency, such as Sidekicks, can also help find jobs that are otherwise unavailable to you. They can also give you a hand on CV tips and interview techniques.

Is this role suitable for me?
After you have found a handful of jobs you find interesting, whether you then have used an agency or have found the job yourself, take a look at your CV and then the role you are then looking at applying for. Ask yourself if you would enjoy the work but remember that you aren’t going to enjoy every part of your job. If you can do roughly 60-70% of the role that is described, apply! There should be training at the company you will be going to, so don’t apply for jobs where you can do all the requirements. You will be bored and you won’t enjoy working as much otherwise.

Hopefully you will have found a job, or at least an interesting industry, using these tips. Don’t be disheartened if you don’t find a job suitable for you straight away or if you don’t get the first job you apply for.

Keep going and happy job hunting!


Katie is currently seeking a new permanent opportunity, ideally within the creative industries. If you’d like to speak to Katie about her job search, please email howdoyoudo@localhost: she would be delighted to hear from you.